Sectors & Standards

Our clients operate across a range of sectors and against a variety of accreditation standards.

OneVault enables organisations to do it all with one single system.


Aged Care
Health Care
Mental Health
Day Surgeries
Palliative Care
NDIS Disability
Primary Healthcare
Medical Clinics and Surgeries
Medical Imaging | Nuclear Medicine


NSQHCS Standards
Aged Care Quality Standards
Mental Health Standards
Garrison Health Standards
ISO Standards
Aust Standards for Dental Practitioner Programs
International Healthcare Standards
Practice Accreditation RACGP Standards
EQUIP National Standards
CQC Inspections
DIAS Practice Accreditation Standards
International Standards Organisation

The Enterprise Solution

Return on Investment, flexibility and functionality makes OneVault the smart choice for Enterprise and Government Organisations. It's called Share Networks and allows organisations with many varied services and sites, to manage their governance from a global perspective while simultaneously providing the ability for sites and services to manage theirs at local level.

The benefits include:

  • Save up to 60% on current governance and accreditation resources
  • Get staff back to core business
  • Replace accreditation evidence preparation with click of a button
  • Manage governance in real time and know you're compliant
  • Streamline your hybrid of mismatched systems to one
  • Provide organisation wide overarching governance, while enabling sites, services and departments to create their own specific governance, with your full oversight and collaboration

Peak Industry Body Solution

Smart functionality enables Peak Bodies to create and share products and services supporting them to grow their member base, create new products and open new streams of revenue.

Benefits for Peak Bodies
  • Create products and services for purchase that can be delivered electronically to members.
  • Streamline and strengthen your own governance with a purpose-built governance platform.
  • Increase streams of revenue.
  • Support members to streamline, save money and get 24/7 Accreditation Ready™.
  • Be a trusted source of support and leadership for your members.
Benefits for Members
  • Replace accreditation preparation with click of a button 24/7 Accreditation Ready™.
  • Manage clinical governance in real time.
  • Reduce costs, paperwork and get staff back to core business.
  • Streamline systems from multiple siloed and disconnected systems to one online system.
  • Save up to 76% on current governance costs and be as efficient and effective as possible.

Ready to learn more?

Don't let clinical governance and accreditation management take up precious time and financial resources. Let OneVault do your heavy lifting while you get on with the business of caring.

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