OneVault Modules

Accreditation Ready

Instant real time accreditation reporting across any number, type and mix of accreditation standards. No preparation, lag time or delays.


A document management system purpose built for corporate & clinical governance including policy, procedure, clinical guidelines and other documents.


Create and manage workplace learning & practical training. Track staff compliance with real time dashboards and report from any level of your organisation.


Designed with simplicity in mind, OneRisk is an easy to navigate Risk Management module for projects, action plans, QI's & more. Assign tasks to staff and track and monitor their progress in real time.


Designed to bring teams together, our OneQuality app makes project management easy while supporting teams to lead best practice continuous improvement projects & initiatives.


Safety Dashboard collates your incident and feedback information in realtime, as it is submitted, processed and resolved. You will have all the data and mangement tools you need in one smooth application


A purpose built audit/survey tool to simplify bedside and multiple audits sets. Replace number crunching & data manipulation with automated reporting and action plan creation.


For those clients needing to undertake mortality reviews, OneMMR assigns categories, has an action planner and a smart dashboard to track and trend all of your MMR data and QI's in real time.


This smart communication tool allows organisations to quickly share news & important information with staff. Promote projects, share wins and keep everyone informed.

For the Boardroom and the Bedside

OneVault is the smart way to manage clinical governance driving efficiencies, accountability, and empowering your organisation to provide safer higher quality care.

One Integrated Platform

With all the modules you'll need for governance and accreditation

24/7/364 Accreditation Readiness

Your accreditation evidence beautifully presented whenever you need it

Multiple Accreditation Standards

Manage any number, type and mix of Accreditation Standards with the one system

Work on the go

Access your work from anywhere at anytime with cloud based technology that optimised for mobile

Real Time Control

All information updated and reported in real time, no lag, no delays

Accountability and Transparency

Know your governance status, assign accountability, responsibility and track progress

Sector-wide problems we've solved

"We have so many documents in so many different systems, we need to streamline and take control of our governance."

One "go to" platform for everything clinical and corporate governance.

Our platform has a module to manage everything clinical and corporate governance. From policy and procedure, to risk management, mortality reviews, quality improvement, e-learning and external learning, survey and audit management, communication and incident management and quality planning.

"I need to find efficiencies and reduce costs without negative impacts on patient care and staff workloads."

OneVault clients waste 60% fewer operational and financial resources.

OneVault enables you to spend more time focusing on core business, rather than managing governance and preparing evidence for accreditation. Our clients waste 76% fewer operational and financial resources while demonstrating improved service delivery and accreditation outcomes. Read about our case study to see how other organisations are doing more with less.

"How can we be accreditation ready... all the time?"

Be 24/7/365 Accreditation Ready, without the searching, collating, copy and pasting.

OneVault's 24/7 Accreditation Ready module enables you to create beautiful evidence reports in real time to manage any type, mix or number of accreditation standards on the one platform. Demonstrates your commitment to safe, high quality care and your good governance and accountability that underpins it.

"We need our information to be accessible and that means our systems need to be accessible."

As web based software, OneVault is is available anywhere so you can work on the go.

OneVault is optimised for mobile meaning you can access your account from anywhere at anytime using a mobile device over the internet access. This allows your clinical staff to access information outside of the office environment when and where they need it, while management and the board can manage and oversee governance at the click of a button.

Ready to learn more?

Don't let clinical governance and accreditation management take up precious time and financial resources. Let OneVault do your heavy lifting while you get on with the business of caring.

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