We set out to simplify clinical governance and accreditation management.

We cut the red tape, eliminated wasteful process, and automated the manual systems.

Our journey to solve the problem of wasted time, money and resources in healthcare.

If you've come this far, you'll want to know our story. Founded by two clinicians who have literally written the book on clinical governance and accreditation readiness, OneVault is the result of years of experience and frustration with archaic clinical governance systems.


Built by clinicians, for clinicians

The founding members of OneVault have worked across the industry in nursing, pharmacy, medicine and paramedic roles.

It didn't matter what our background was, or what field we worked in, the story was the same when it came to clinical governance and accreditation...


... Stress and frustration

There were so many different systems in play, (paper-based at worst, electronic at best) and even the electronic systems were fragmented; with policy and procedures in a drive somewhere, clinical auditing was in a filing cabinet, risks were managed in a spreadsheet, and that was only the beginning!


Accreditation anxiety

When it came to accreditation, the process was months of searching and chasing data from across all of the fragmented systems and then copying and pasting them into "accreditation folders."


Clinical governance from last century

Healthcare providers & clinicians are still using word documents, excel spreadsheets, paper-based folders, share drives, USB's, and a host of fragmented software to perform one of healthcare's most-important safety nets: clinical governance.


World-wide research

It was no surprise to learn that staff in small hospitals, aged care, and other sectors experienced the very same problems that we did in the acute sector. And we discovered the problem is global, existing in the UK, Canada and the USA, as well as Australia.


We knew we could do better

We'd been knee-deep in this archaic process for decades, so knew we could do better and what "better" looks like. Driven by our commitment to patient safety and quality, we created a system that automated the manual processes and solved all of our pain points.


Helping others

It's truly rewarding to watch our customers move from a place of frustration and stress to real-time clinical governance and reporting. We help our customers to save millions each year, and we know the waste is redirected into staff training, research and quality initiatives that will have positive outcomes for their patients and our communities.


Quality improvement is in our DNA

Achieving continual improvement is in our DNA and that's why we will never stop striving to do better. As we grow and work with more customers, it means that more waste is reduced and money is saved in our healthcare sectors.