ACSQHC releases the New Charter of Healthcare Rights

The new Charter of Healthcare Rights has been released. 

Link through for more information about the 2nd edition of the Charter of Healthcare Rights and how they were developed. 

There is also some great info about how they relate to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards but of course, those working in Aged Care and Disability Services will also need to be aware of the new Charter and how it applies to the new Aged Care Quality Standards and the NDIS Practice Standards

Take advantage of the resources available which include posters, infographics for consumers, the charter in different languages and a video. 

Dont deglect to update your existing policies to reflect the new Charter of Healthcare Rights. 

For our OneVault clients, a great tip is to upload some of the resource material into your policies and procedures and insert the video URL too. 

While we are talking videos, it would be a great resource to use as part of an elearning created in OneVault to help those staff at point of care better understand what the new Charter of Healthcare Rights means and how to support them. 

For those of you that have some time and would like to delve deeper into this subject, here is the youtube link for the ACSQHC Virtual Launch of the 2nd edition of the Charter of Healthcare Righs. It does go for a couple of hours so perhaps a few sittings. 

There will be more resources made available in due course and we will keep you up to date when they arrive. 

As always, should anyone out there like to have a chat with us about how we can help with clinical governance and accreditation problems or challenges, just drop us a line on




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