New Aged Care Accreditation and Now a Royal Commission

If you are an Aged Care provider, now is the time to review how your organisation manages quality and safety and take steps to identify any gaps, inefficiencies and areas of non compliance. Reviewing the existing deficits in your quality management system and compiling a "to do" list is only the beginning. The real challenge is not just getting on top of things but staying on top. Understanding clinical governance and how it supports a robust framework of quality and safety is fundamental. Master your clinical governance system and you will be using a formula that will reassure your care recipients, auditors and the public of your commitment to high quality care now and into the future.

More about the Royal Commission:

On September 16, a Royal Commission has been announced into the quality and safety of aged care in Australia.

 The Commission will look at:

The extent of substandard care

The provision of care to people with disabilities living in residential aged care

The needs of those with dementia

The challenges and opportunities for those delivering care especially in remote and rural Australia


If you would like to read the letter from Minister Wyatt concerning the Royal Commission please follow this link.