Dental Accreditation, something to smile about

We all love a great smile and with the skills and technology available to us through our Dentists and Orthodontists means the perfect smile is within reach for everyone. Accreditation for Dental and Orthodontic practices is not mandatory but I would like to commend those practices who choose to voluntarily undertake the process. Opting to have their practice audited against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards demonstrates a commitment to providing the highest and safest quality of service for their patients. We have a number of clients in the dental sector using OneVault to manage their docs and they all have one thing in common...integrity. With Accredited practices, patients can be assured that all aspects of providing a safe and high quality service has been tested. So next time you need dental work done, ask the question. Are you accredited?

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Talking to our Aged Care Provider clients about the new Accreditation Standards

We have been out and about visiting Aged Care Providers to talk about how the new Single Aged Care Standards and the impact Unannounced Audits may have on their organisation. I think its fair to say that since Oakden, many providers of aged care services have made time to review their systems and take a long hard look at where they are and where they would like to go. What people are saying to us is that they need systems that a quicker and produce timely useful information with far less chasing, rework and duplication. We hear you and respect your view! We are continuing to talk to Aged Care Providers about what their pain points are and including their thoughts and ideas into everything we write and every software upgrade we make. If your organisation would like to participate, please contact us. or

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The SACARE Difference!

If you want to see the great things going on in disability services then look no further than our valued client SACARE.  Just follow them on facebook and check out page after page of fantastic work, promotion of services, events and information for people with disability and their families. Keep up the good work guys!

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Wrapped to be part of Thinclab

Thinclab is a fantastic venture by the Adelaide University, to support entreprenurs, business innovators and creative thinkers and OneVault is super excited to be part of of it.

Not only does Thinclab foster and engage those of us with a passion to want to change the world for the better, but it also supports wonderful initiatives such as the SheEO Radical Generosity.

#SheEO is a brilliant concept to support women in business and Thinclab is helping to bring it to Australia.

Check out the Thinclab facebook page for details about the launch:

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The Manual Handling Revolution

Are you a health professional who is required to navigate the maze of manual handling? Then the Manual Handling Revolution will unlock how you can start to keep care givers injury free when assisting people with disabilities.

You will discover
  • how to objectively evaluate equipment options to find the best solution to a problem
  • how to get the best out of equipment solutions you already use to eliminate manual handling
  • how to achieve a win win outcome for the person with disabilities and their caregivers
  • a method for you to feel confident as a professional in the solutions you recommend
  • a systematic framework for understanding the manual handling assessment process

For more information go to Risk Managed or OneVault

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