Royal Flying Doctor Service Achieves Accreditation using OneVault

A big shout out to our client the Royal Flying Doctor Service Tasmania who have recently become accredited under the National Safety and Quality Standards! The RFDS are a valued client of OneVault and along with the rest of the Australian community we recognise the fantastic work the team in Launceston do every day. Congratulations! 

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Wrapped to be part of Thinclab

Thinclab is a fantastic venture by the Adelaide University, to support entreprenurs, business innovators and creative thinkers and OneVault is super excited to be part of of it.

Not only does Thinclab foster and engage those of us with a passion to want to change the world for the better, but it also supports wonderful initiatives such as the SheEO Radical Generosity.

#SheEO is a brilliant concept to support women in business and Thinclab is helping to bring it to Australia.

Check out the Thinclab facebook page for details about the launch:

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Preparing for the New Aged Care Accreditation

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency is encouraging aged care providers to use this time to ensure their governance systems are robust in meeting the requirements of the new Standards and unannounced accreditation audit. So where do aged care providers start?

At OneVault, we advise providers to start with a honest look at where the organisation is now and what needs to be done to achieve compliance against the standards. A gap analysis will give you direction. Next, review or develop your clinical governance framework as the platform from which your clincial governance system is built. From here, review both corporate and clinical policies followed by all procedures. Ensure your systems of document managment including version control, endorsement and access are addressed. These actions will give providers a good starting point. As accreditation will be unannounced, look to how the organisation will be able to provide evidnece with no notice. If you are reading this and thinking your organisation could use some professional help, contact us for a chat about how we can work with you to get your system working efficiently, save you time and money and keep your organisation Accreditation Ready.

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NSQHS Standards V2 Assessed from Jan 2019

The National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards V2 will be in effect from January 2019. 

Until then, healthcare organisations will continue to be assessed under the current Standards. Transistion arrangements are yet to be released but the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare have indicated they will be available in plenty of time to prepare for implementation of NSQHS Standards second edition.

If you have not as yet become aquanted with the new Standards, here is a link to V2 of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. NSQHS Standards V2

As well as Fact Sheets, the Commission has provided a range of resources to help health services transition to the new Standards. 


Guide for Hospitals

Guide for Day Procedure Services

Guide to Mulipurpose Services and Small Hospitals

There is also a new Accreditation workbook. 

Accreditation Workbook

All these resources and more can be found on the Commissions website. 

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare


Allthough 2019 seems to be plenty of time to rearrange, reorganise, review and gather evidence in preparedness for review under the new Standards, we advise our clients to plan well ahead. Address any recommendations from current accreditation reviews and begin working towards bridging gaps between the Standards sooner rather than later. If you need any help, or would like to consider the benefits of upgrading your accreditation management systems, drop us a line using our contact email.

Happy Accreditation planning!


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We have been listening.....

OneVault is in the business of listening to what people in the health industry need. Below is a quote from the ACSQHC July 2014 STRATEGIC PLANNING REPORT of focus groups and interviews with healthcare providers, July 2014, page 6 & page 13.

“In particular, health services wanted to: have uniformity of information across sectors (so people are getting the same messages) share information and knowledge between health services, especially in relation to initiatives where there is evidence that these initiatives have resulted in good patient outcomes, know where to access information, or which organisation to go to if they are struggling and need assistance..have a repository of best practice examples, so that other services can leverage the good work that has already been done” “….we are still sort of chasing behind to make sure we have got policies, procedures, staff, whatever, because things are moving so quickly at the moment that it is hard to keep up and the system just doesn’t seem to have that flexibility or adaptability to keep up with things that are changing” - Executive, public hospital. We have been listening to the needs of organisations and we have done our homework.

If these comments resonate with those of your organiation, then you are one of many wanting to improve how information is managed in health, agedcare and disability services. 


Contact us to find out more about how OneVault can help meet the needs of your organisation.

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