Where are the policies? Royal Commission into Quality & Safety in Aged Care

If, like me, you are a little addicted to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, amongst all the evidence and testimonies, you may notice a trend concerning management of risks. While it is accepted that risk management is potentially the driest topic on the planet, it is non-the less, a critical component of business management.


The area that surprises me the most, is where a risk is identified, perhaps recommendations have been given or even sanctions have been implemented and yet the policy and procedures relating to these areas are not updated or indeed created. 


The policies and procedures of an organisation are an essential part of governance.

If your organisation is in the midst of reviewing its compliance against the Aged Care Quality Standards, I would strongly advise that you begin with taking a close look at the governance structure of your organisation, including and importantly, clinical governance. Begin there and work outwards. If your current systems of policy and procedure management are outdated, implement a system to ensure this is addressed. If your risk management system is a bit shaky then act now to strengthen it. This task can be rather daunting and takes large doses of reflection and honest evaluation. The important thing is to make a start, have a plan and work consistently to achieve your objectives. Don’t know where to start? Thats easy, try out your risk management system by conducting a risk assessment, and then work from your highest risks downwards. 

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Have you updated your HAI policy?

The ACSQHC and the NHMRC released an updated version of the  Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare (2019) in May and if your organisaiton has not yet done so, i would recommend a review of your existing Infection Prevention and Control Policies and procedures to ensure they are inline with the changes. 

The areas that have been updated include: 

an increased importance on patient centred care, disinfection methods, antimicrobial resistance, replacement of peripheral-intravenous catheters, use of cholorhexidien, immunisation for healthcare workers, Norovirum and use of hospital grade disinfectants. 

It is worth subscribing to the ACSQHC and periodically checking in with their news. This will make sure you keep up with the latest and can act to update when needed. 

Happy policy writing!


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ACQSC Clinical Governance Resources - there is help out there!

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission have some excellent resources to help providers understand clinical governance. 

The Clinical Governance toolkit includes 4 comprehensive fact sheets. 

Introduction to Clinical Governance

Clinical governance and the Aged Care Quality Standards


Roles and Responsibilities for Clinical Governance - this is a biggy 

Developing and Implementing a Clinical Governance Framework - easier said than done

As part of this toolkit there are also 2 self assessment tools and a Clinical Governance Framework Guide

I would also recommend the National Model Clinical Governance Framework  This has some really simple tables and illustations that help understand how the clinical framework works in principle. Clinical goverance can be challenging to grasp and even more challenging to implement. Simple images and basic practical advise can be extemely helpful. 

I can't write a broadcast about clinical governance without singing the praises of our own book! There is a stack of information out there about clinical governance. What we hear often from the people we help is "what does that actually mean for us?" Accrediation Ready for Aged Care Professionals  helps answer that question. it explains clinical governance in simple language that helps everyone get it. The book backs this up with an assortment of practical advise and easy to use tools that will assist any organisation, no matter how big or small. If you feel your organisation could use a "kick start" in it's clinical governance journey, drop us a line ( and we can have a chat about how our software, consultancy or both can give you a leg up.  
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All the best 
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Upfront About Breast Cancer - BCNA

Breast Cancer Network Australia has done it again! What a fantastic initiative.

UPFRONT ABOUT BREAST CANCER is a series of fortnightly podcasts reaching out to everyuone with a smart phone or computer to provide advise and support.

Here is the link, so have a listen, share with someone you love and if you can, donate to this fantastic organisaiton. 


A tip for our OneVault clients, use this URL link to spread the word using your own OneVault Broadcast or send it to your staff using OneLearning. 


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Get Ready, Set and Work, work ,work....Providing Evidence for the Aged Care Quality Standards

If you are an Aged Care provider, no doubt you are very aware that Accreditaiton will soon be audited under the new Aged Care Quality Standards. Reviewing and closing the gaps is only the beginning. The real challenge is staying on top of the work year in, year out and keeping your evidence in place and up to date for unannounced visits. Many organisaitons are just starting to realise how much time, effort and money this will need. Many are still relying on formats such as word and excel for their policy, procedures, risks, audits, incident  and complaints mangement. While hisitorically these formats may have been adequate, they are not an efficient nor effective way to manage information moving forward into this new world of unannounced visits and increased scrutiny. OneVault provides a secure, single online solution so that work done for quality and safety is effective, highly cost efficent and provides the Board with accurate reports in real time to assure them that the standard of care meets their obligations in ensuring the organisaiton provides care inline with the Aged Care Quality Standards. Contact us to find out more about how OneVault can help.



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